Accelerate Growth with Monthly Point Packs

Pivot offers discounted monthly point packs for retainer clients. Point packs are an easy way to get the work done, keep timelines on track, and make budgeting predictable. 


Looking for a one-time point pack purchase instead of our retainer options? Check out  non-retainer point packs.



For smaller companies that are comfortable moving at a slower pace or who need Pivot to 
focus on specific jobs such as managing and executing HubSpot projects.

Project pacing: Typically 1-2 simultaneous projects. Limited content development, mostly HubSpot setup and execution tasks.

  • 12-month engagement
  • $100 per point



For companies with time-sensitive initiatives, that need to move faster. Pivot typically provides strategic guidance, tactical execution, and content development.

Project pacing: Typically 3-4 simultaneous plays with more content development and tactical execution.

  • 12-month engagement
  • $100 per point

Need Help Deciding? 

Book a consultation and we'll help you discover which service options are right for you. 


Have Questions?

What are point packs?

Point packs are a way to purchase Pivot services. Pivot has fixed point pricing for a variety of common services. This ensures that all clients pay the same rate for the deliverable. Hourly pricing is problematic because the amount of time to complete a task can vary. We shifted to point pricing to make it easier for clients to see how many deliverables they can fit into their point pack. Point packs also enable the Pivot team to quickly engage on new projects and opportunities as they come up.

What options do you have?

We sell three levels of point packs: 25, 50, or 100 points. Retainer clients, who commit to monthly point packs or who use point packs to supplement ongoing monthly work, receive an additional discount. See the retainer pricing page. 

Do my points expire?

Yes. Points will expire one year from the date of purchase.

Can I apply points to strategic consulting?

Points are the easiest to use for specific deliverables. However, we can use them for consulting engagements. We will need to define what the consulting engagement includes and what the outcome of the consulting effort will be. Then we will assign a point value.

How do I know how many points I have left?

Pivot will maintain a Points Dashboard that will track all projects and the associated points. This dashboard is in Google Sheets to make it easier for clients to have access to the current version. Pivot will update the Dashboard weekly. Clients can also submit urgent requests to support@pivotslc.com.

How do you invoice?

Payment for the Point Pack is due at the time of order. Pivot accepts credit cards or ACH payments.