We love our furry friends at Pivot. You've met the human team, now meet the pets of Pivot. They keep our team smiling! And if you're looking for your own fur-baby, check out our pet adoption page. 

Matisse (Tisse-Tisse) Johnson


Breed: Tortoise Shell
Birth Date: October 8, 2011
Likes: Getting brushed, chasing feathers, sleeping on the bed/chair/couch, catio time, treats, her sister Greyface
Dislikes: Wearing dumb hats for photos, when Jane travels, the door buzzer

Greyface (Grey-Grey) Johnson


Breed: Tabby
Birth Date: October 8, 2011
Likes: Sleeping on top of the armoire and in the cozy cat bed, catio time, catnip toys, treats, her sister Matisse (most of the time)
Dislikes: Wearing dumb hats for photos, getting her toenails clipped, the door buzzer

Phinneas (Phin) Bender


Breed: Lhasa-Poo
Birth/Adoption Date: January 2010
Likes: Snuggling with Momma, sleeping, playing with Skrimps, toys, holding an antler like a binky.
Dislikes: Having his teeth cleaned

Opal Baumgartner


Breed: Yorkie/Chinese Crested/Muttley
Birth/Adoption Date: June 2018
Likes: Cuddle time, chasing squirrels, sock monkeys, Alfie, and sleeping under the covers.
Dislikes: Being alone, not knowing where Alfie is, and haircuts

Skrimps Bender


Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Birth/Adoption Date: December 2015
Likes: Car rides, chewing antlers, snuggling, playing with Ein, playing with Phinneas, eating.
Dislikes: Having his back legs touched for an extended period of time, getting his nails trimmed 

Alfie Baumgartner


Breed: Bichon/Poodle/Muttley
Birth/Adoption Date: December 2011
Likes: Chasing birds, ignoring his name, belly scratches, celery, and sleeping in.
Dislikes: Bath time, getting up early, and coming inside

Pumpkin LaPoint


Breed: Calico/Siamese mix
Birth/Adoption Date: October 2013
Likes: Sleeping/lounging, delivering socks, treats, and catnip
Dislikes: The dog and getting wet

Pogo LaPoint


Breed: American Hairless Terrier
Birth/Adoption Date: April 2018
Likes: Kids, barking, dinner, chasing the cat
Dislikes: The cat and bath time