pivot communications intelligence and analytics

Pivot targets results.

Companies with the right data and information can make informed and strategic decisions. Pivot provides analytics through the use of comprehensive software and tools so you can clearly see which efforts are working and where you should make adjustments. While marketing is both art and science, the best creative ideas will be wasted if not backed by research and information.
With a number of tools at hand, Pivot has experience guiding B2B technology companies into developing intelligent marketing strategies. Pivot offers:

  • Lead Reports
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Profile Insights
  • Survey Research, Results, and Analysis
  • Visual Charting and Mapping
  • Custom Integration
  • Program Recommendations
…and more

Pivot provides more than just basic reporting. We help you see the big picture so you can predict the trajectory of your efforts. Go with professionals who know how to give you the edge with intelligence and analytics.